Bulk Paper Straws For Restaurants

According to National Park Service that Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day. To give you an idea of how many 500 million straws there really are: That would make over 125 school buses filled with straws every day. That’s 46,400 school buses per year!

So with such a huge demand, what should people do if they stop using plastic straws? Smart people have turned to more environmentally friendly straws, such as paper straws, stainless steel straws, or other eco-friendly straws. Let’s talk some more about it today.

Is paper straw safe?

  • Such as heavy metals that may be produced by the ink used to print logos, and fluorescent whitening agents that may be present. But these bad product quality problems will only appear in very low-level inferior suppliers, and as far as I know, almost all of them are afraid to take the risk.
  • After paper straws are produced, they go through the process of being packaged, stored, and then transported to customers. The potential danger here is that the paper straws may be contaminated by microorganisms due to improper packaging. But to solve this problem is very simple, that is, we try to choose the paper straws with individual packaging as much as possible.

5 Guidelines – When you bulk buy or use degradable paper straws

  1. Try to choose the straws in the original colors, such as brown and white paper straws. In order to avoid coloring agents or printing ink may produce some harmful substances.
  2. Try to choose individually wrapped paper straws to avoid microbial contamination caused by improper storage.
  3. Do not use paper straws to drink products that are too hot to avoid burns and accelerated paper melting.
  4. To avoid bad use habits, such as biting the straw, so as not to mix the paper scraps, paper scraps, and food together.
  5. Make sure that the paper straws you’re buying passed FDA and LFGB.

For the environmental cause of the planet, and even for the creatures in the ocean, this is definitely effective

What are the advantages of using paper straws?

  • For individuals — Because the raw material of paper straws is biodegradable, we can make a contribution to the environmental protection of our planet by using paper straws in our daily life.
  • For Businesses — Under the strict “no plastic straws” ban, businesses can choose paper straws, which are also disposable and biodegradable, as an alternative to plastic straws. Because of the nature of the restaurant industry, like”people come, people go”. Then a disposable straw is very important at this moment.

What is the best alternative to plastic straws? There is no single answer, but I think paper straws are worth considering from an environmental point of view. Besides paper straws, you only also check other eco straws, like glass and metal ones.